Vragen en Antwoorden | Questions and Answers

What is Sterre?
Sterre is a forward-thinking boutique for stylish women, found in a lovely corner of Stanley Marketplace in Northwest Aurora.

And the name?
Sterre means star in Dutch. It’s also a traditional Dutch name, the name of owner Danielle van Ede’s daughter. In many ways, Sterre the store is a collaboration between the two of them: the mother, launching her own business for the first time, and the daughter, heading to Cal-Berkeley for an adventure of her own. Sterre is a store for women who aspire to inspire others.

What designers do you carry?
Sterre features an evolving array of established and newer designers from near and far. What they all have in common is a dedication to quality and timelessness.

What should we expect from Sterre?
Danielle lived in the Netherlands, Greece, and South Africa before finding Colorado with her family and declaring Denver home. A lot of her favorite boutiques in those places do not feel like traditional boutiques. They feel like someone’s den, or perhaps their especially lovely dressing room. Sterre feels that way, too: a warm and welcoming place to relax and enjoy the company of others and find something beautiful for yourself or for someone you love.